BLONDPRO is a salon professional 3 step program that allows hairstylists to achieve even greater results with blondes and colour whilst maintaining the integrity & condition of the hair

  • BLONDPRO acts as a buffer to stop further damage to the internal structure of the hair
  • BLONDPRO is added to your existing bleach or colour mix to maintain the strength of the hair and to actively start the external re-bonding of the hair shaft
  • BLONDPRO reconnects the broken disulphide bonds in the hair that have been broken during the chemical service
  • BLONDPRO can be used as a stand alone in salon treatment service for severely compromised hair
  • When hair is bleached or coloured, internal bonds can break during the chemical process. With BLONDPRO hair is structurally up to 7 times stronger than before
  • BLONDPRO gives you the security to colour with confidence, knowing the quality of the hair will be better than before starting the colour process